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Pieces of the Puzzle: I Am A Unity Boy!

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Rev. Jamie Sanders, Unity of Pensacola

Someone asked me recently what my spiritual beliefs are and before I could really stop and think of a response—I simply stated, "I'm a Unity boy!" I'm very proud of the spiritual journey I've taken in my life thus far and, while the road has had its ups and downs, I know that I have grown emotionally and spiritually with every step taken. I grew up in the traditional church, not because my family was active in attending, but because something in me longed to be in that energy. It called to me and I had to follow that calling.

At an early age, I remember them dropping me off so that I could go to Sunday school and later they would come and pick me up. Funny how when you stop and look back at the past, we can begin to see how each event, each person was a piece of a puzzle that creates a tapestry of our lives. There are many facets to who I am, and there are many pieces that are forever falling into place to guide me to the my next place of awakening and growth.

It was when I found the Unity Church, like poet, Maya Angelou discovered, that something stirred inside of me in ways I never imagined. Good things, powerful things, that called to the Spirit of God within me. Some have said that I have forsaken the original teachings of tradition that I was familiar with and have taken a wrong turn; I say, nothing could be further from the truth. I have taken what I have learned and I have expanded on that knowledge and it has shifted me for the better. What I have found is that God is not separate from me, that God does not see me as unworthy, and unlovable, God sees me as God created me—whole and worthy, I am the beloved and my purpose is to express that same love and light to the world around me.

Dr. Maya Angelou on a recent two-part episode of Super Soul Sunday on the OWN Network shared with Oprah how the Unity Church revolutionized her life. She has always been someone that I love and respect and remember when I met her, standing in awe of her presence and her words as she spoke. The clip in this blog of that interview touched me deeply. Many have shared it and it is one that I continue to play over and over because of the way it allows me to feel while hearing it. It is my prayer that each of us, gets this message she speaks of in ways we have yet to comprehend. Watch the video, then re-watch the video yet again; breathe, and share it with others so that they may embrace its life-changing, yet simple message for themselves.