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Letting Go

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Rev. Jamie Sanders, Unity of Pensacola

The universe is amazing isn’t it? All the vastness, the order that can be hidden in the appearance of chaos, and all the unseen mysteries that we have yet to understand or even consider; when I think of it all, I am humbled and left speechless at times.

I have always believed there was more to life than what we can see with our eyes – we have to feel it, to even begin to embrace it. How does one begin to see with their heart, see with their soul and know that what they are beholding is a miraculous thing? It is through our desire to do so that the process begins. Life is forever unfolding and shifting and if we are willing to be fully present, open and paying attention. So are we.

Sometimes things show up that blindside us. Where in the world did that come from? Why would someone do or say that? Why would I act out in this way when I know better? We are complex, multi-faceted creations—we humans. The dramas we will create, the stories we mold to justify our actions, along with a mixture of kindness and selfishness all in a single hour that we manifest from within the realms of our own thinking, can be bewildering to say the least; but we are beautiful and remarkable just the same.

Have you ever been emotionally wounded? Felt betrayed by someone you love? Not a good feeling! We examine the story from every angle trying to figure out the how and why it has taken place in an attempt to have even a bit of peace and closure. Betrayal is painful, the damaging of trust that two people have shared and built is overwhelming, but even in the midst of this kind of pain, there is an opportunity for growth.

There are questions to ask of ourselves, thoughts to consider, actions to own and forgive if one truly wants to understand and begin to heal and move on. No matter the feelings we are experiencing; be it betrayal, anger, heartache and so on, we must ask ourselves where have I done this to another? Where have I caused someone to feel these same feelings and did not give or do my best? It is through this ownership process that we activate the healing energies and allow clarity to become present. When we take responsibility, when we are willing to become accountable for our mistakes – we can begin to see how others are worthy of this same forgiveness.

People are simply being who they are, where they are, in consciousness. When we are more mindful and become open to new awareness, we show up differently in life and make better choices. When we make better choices, we are more kind, peaceful and centered. We can then see clearly that the feelings of betrayal are not always as they appear to be; the real betrayal is within the person who acted out in a particular behavior that was painful to another. In reality, their actions were about themselves and who they are on the inner and had little, if anything to do with, or about us.

Always speak your truth, at least to the best of your ability. Face your emotions and work through them in honor and integrity. Better to be upfront and clear than to create some drama to express that which you could not find the courage or words to be authentic through. Honesty is freeing—withholding is not. They have betrayed themselves by acting in a way that not only hurt others, but it damaged a sense of oneness within them. The pain is real, the feelings of sadness and rejection sting on many levels and yet they are being presented to teach us a valuable lesson if we are teachable.

People come and go in our lives and it really is okay. For everyone that must move on, there are more who will come to love us, celebrate us, and encourage us as we do them. For everything there is a season we are told and this surely includes people as well. We love them while we can and when they go, we bless them on their way with that same love. Things shift and change, as do our relationships.

No matter what pain or sadness you feel at the ending of a bond shared with another. Know that all things are happening for the highest and best. Pray for them to find their joy, visualize them being at peace and lovingly let them GO! Love and honor yourself enough to release those feelings of pain; learn from them, grow from them and become a better person through the experience. Let the healing begin. And so it is!