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Spirituality Today with Jamie Sanders & Cindy Lippert

Spirituality Today brings you empowering guest, insight, inspiration and more in the world of spirituality, motivation and New Thought.

This program deals with Spiritual, motivational, inspirational, paranormal, mysticism and more. 

Rev. Jamie Sanders and Rev. Cindy Lippert are passionate about their spiritual journey and share laughter, wisdom and some amazing guests with you the listener.

You can listen now or tap into the podcast feed in iTunes.

Unity Online Radio Network

The Unity Online Radio Network is a platform for spiritual and New Thought discussions. The programs on the network are a powerful voice in providing the consciousness, clarity and common vision necessary to create transformation in the world today.

Listeners can tune in around the clock to hear provocative, uplifting and inspiring programs on topics ranging from what Jesus really taught to how to maintain a spiritual practice with your partner or spouse.

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