"Dinner and a Movie" (02-21-19)

February 21, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.


A twelve-year-old boy James (Trevor Morgan ) lives with his father Nathan (Ray Liotta ) and stepmother Mary (Catherine McCormack ). He lost his mother in a car accident two years earlier. The memories of the accident still haunt him and make him freeze with panic. He has not been able to talk about his feelings about the accident and the death of his mother because his father is always away from home and he does not want to talk to his stepmother.

One day playing an imaginary game behind the house of Maddy Bennet (Vanessa Redgrave), he breaks her fence. Maddy demands that he fix it. Soon the two become good friends. Maddy also lost her son Bobby in 1974 in the Vietnam War. She tells her experiences of losing her son to James. She forces James to talk about his mother and face his fears. She tells him that her son Bobby talks to her.

When:Thursday Evening - Feb. 21st - 5 PM Dinner / 6 PM Movie


Sunday Morning after Service at INFO. Table or

call office 850-438-2277

Join us for dinner / salad / dessert and beverage. The $10 ticket

covers cost of food and must be paid if only wanting to view the

movie. This is a fund-raising event.



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